Ammonia Air Cooling Unit

Air Cooling Unit

Air cooling units is used in cold storage for storing varied kinds of food items.

Electricity Saving : Running time for compressor is very less for plants with air cooling unit than with bunker coils. This is because bunker coil runs with less suction pressure (20-50 psig) than with air cooling unit (30-50psig.) Thereby reducing the compressor capacity. This saving directly reduces the power till substantial. If air cooling units are used the size of the compressor can also be reduced.

Gas Saving
: A very large quantity of ammonia gas can be saved by using our units due to the compact design. In bunker, the plain pipe is used for cooling and to give proper surface area for cooling. The size of the pipe and quantity is much more than that of our units which are finned type and gives more surface area, even in smaller sized pipe and quantity which holds less quantity of ammonia gas. Moreover, due to plain pipe in the bunker, the process of liquid ammonia evaporation is very slow as compared to air cooling units in which ammonia gas evaporates very quickly because of excellent fin pipe contact. In a bunker coil system of 5,000 M. Ton capacity, the coils require almost more than 500 Kgs ammonia gas. It almost saves 70% of ammonia gas with our system.

Space Saving : Bunker coil occupies huge space in the cold storage whereas air cooling unit occupy very little space. More products can be stored inside the cold storage thereby increasing the revenue by using air cooling units. Bunker type cooling coils and ceiling fans take almost the entire top floor of the cold storage building for its installation. Where as our ammonia air cooling units require hardly 15% volume of the top floor. As an example in a cold storage of 5,000 M. Ton capacity, it can provide almost extra capacity of 750 M. Ton storage by using our ammonia air cooling unit without sacrificing the air circulation requirement, this extra space of 750 M. Ton can bring extra Revenue and that is a big profit.

Uniform Temperature
: Air cooling units increase the air circulation inside the cold storage and thereby ensuring uniform temperature throughout the cold storage. When bunker coil is used, the temperature of the ground floor is much higher than the top floor temp. To overcome this, the plant has to be run continuously to bring the ground floor temperature to the required level thereby increasing the running time of the compressor.

Humidity And Temperature
: Our ammonia air cooling units have very precise control of humidity along with control of cold room temperature. This humidity is automatically maintained because of sine- wave aluminum fin spacing and uniform air flow air velocity on coils. The minimum requirement of humidity in the potato cold storage is 86% to 92% apart from storage temperature 2 to 30C (35 to 380f). It is hard fact to understands that the floor mounted diffusers and bunkers type systems are built with plain tube ( without any fins) cooling coils. Which is being defrosted again and again to run the plant for maintaining the cold room temperature. If defrosting of coils is not done in time and again, it acts as insulation effecting heat transfer from plain tube coils. This ice or frost formation on plain tube coils not only reduces the suction pressure (low evaporation of ammonia gas ) but also reduces humidity which extracts a lot of moisture from stored potatoes, ultimately resulting in the weight loss of stored potatoes.

Maintenance Cost
: The maintenance cost of our unit is negligible. Once properly installed and checked, it hardly needs any maintenance except washing of the cooling coil with fresh water. The floor mounted diffusers using centrifugal blowers, shaft, bearings, pulleys, belt, and air duct needs a lot of maintenance.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: KF-Series

Stainless Steel Tubing Coil

We offer Stainless Steel Tubing Coil.

Standard features-
  • Cooling coil made of 7/8" diameter stainless steel tubes as per ASTMA 213 & die formed plate type aluminium fins with excellent bonding between them.Aluminium fins ensure rapid heat absorption from air. The staggered tube construction increases air turbulence at the coil to increase efficiency
  • Axial flow fans are made up of aluminium cast adjustable fan blades for higher static pressure/ air throw
  • Weather proof TEFC type fan motors with IP-55 enclosure having pre- lubricated bearings with low temperature grease
  • Accumulator ( Surge drum) to protect liquid stroke to compressor
  • Arrangement for both ceiling suspension and floor mounting on every coil as standard
  • Water defrosting headers
  • Heavy duty angle iron frame work with corrosion resistant galvanized steel sheet.
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel sheet drain pan with sloped end for fast water drainage
  • All coils can be circulated for Flooded system, liquid re-circulation, brine circulation & chilled water
  • Coils are made in accordance of NHB guidelines

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: KFS-Series
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