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Since its founding in 1924, mayekawa has focused on the development of freezing and cooling technology. Our technology began with cooling applications and we developed various components such as compressors, heat engineering devices and unmanned systems. Today we are moving into food processing, automation robotics and chemical plant equipment field in both the domestic and international arenas.

    • Over 3000 sets sold every year
    • More than 30000 sets operating all over the world
    • Crank case fc. , crank shaft ductile and cylinder sleeves are made of special alloy, all casted in house with no possibility of deformity
    • FC piston rings and oil rings, stainless plate valves and all bearings are japanese products
    • All units are factory tested  for operation
    • Hydraulically operated unloader mechanism
    • Excellent partial load operation efficiency
    • Strong against liquid flow back and dirty oil
    • Easy to overhaul and maintain
    • Higher efficiency at high speed. (designed and operated for direct drive at 1750 RPM in 60hz region
    • Aluminum connecting rod for higher efficiency
    • Bush type hydrodynamic sleeve main and side bearings

      Heavy Duty Industrial Refrigeration Compressor

      Kirloskar Heavy Duty Industrial refrigeration Compressors Suitable for Round the Clock Operation. Compressors suitable for R717 (Ammonia), R22 & other HFC's. Capacities from 32 TR (112 kW) to 577 TR( 2019 kW) for Ammonia as refrigerant at +10oC evaporating to +40oC Condensing temp (subcooling & superheat at 0oC) & Compressor speed 1000 rpm. Model : KC 2 to 12 cylinders in single & two stage.

      Applications :

      • KC Reciprocating Compressors are most suitable for industrial refrigeration & low temperature applications
      • They are designed to operate with ammonia, halocarbons, & other refrigerants
      • Ideally suitable for continuous duty, process refrigeration, liquefaction plants, ice plants, cold storage etc

      Features :

      • All Steel Fabricated Crankcase
      • Modular Construction
      • Protection Against Liquid Hammer
      • Efficient Heat Dissipation
      • Quick Service Access for Maintenance
      • Protection against Liquid Hammer
      • Provision for Cylinder Jacket cooling

      Accessories :

      • Drive Set :'V' Belt drives (Fly wheel, Motor pulley, Belts) for a wide range of standard speeds and Direct drive (Flexible Space saver coupling with flywheel)
      • Base frame, Slide rails for motor with foundation bolts
      • Stop valves (shut-off) for suction & discharge lines
      • Electrically operated solenoid valves for capacity control
      • Pressure gauges & Safety pressure cutouts, Crankcase heater & Oil separator
      • Equalizer connection for parallel operating compressors
      • Interstage cooling systems to suit two stage compressors
      • Built in cooling water manifold PLC Control (Optional)

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: KC

        Heavy Duty Refrigeration Compressor

        The "PC" Series Kirloskar  Industrial refrigeration Compressors are suitable for R717 (Ammonia), R22, HFCs. These Reciprocating Compressor are of 2 cylinders Single Stage .Capacities range from 27 TR (shaft kW 27.81) for Ammonia as refrigerant at Evaporating -5oC & +40oC Condensing temp), Compressor speed of 1450 rpm. It is a heavy duty Compressor which can run round the clock for 24 Hrs continuously. Model : PC2 single stage


        Applications : 

        • PC Reciprocating Compressor is suitable for Industrial refrigeration low temperature applications
        • They are designed to operate with Ammonia, halocarbons & other refrigerants
        • Ideally suitable for continuous duty , process refrigeration small ice plants & cold storages


        Features : 

        • All Steel fabricated Crankcase 
        • Modular Construction 
        • Efficient heat dissipation 
        • Quick Service Access for Maintenance 
        • Protection against liquid hammer 
        • Provision for Cylinder jacket Cooling 
        • Force feed lubrication System


        Accessories : 

        • Drive Set - Flywheel, Motor Pulley, Belts 
        • Base Frame 
        • Stop Valves 
        • Capacity Control solenoid valves 
        • Pressure gauges & Safety Cutouts

        Additional Information:
        • Item Code: PC2
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