Refrigeration Condensers

Evaporative Condensers

We supply evaporative condensers.

These evaporative condensers are specially designed for :

  • Cold Storage
  • Ice Plants
  • Meat / Fish Processing
  • Dairy Industry
  • Breweries
  • Quick Freezing Plants
  • Food & Vegetable Freezing Plants
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Chemical / Petrochemical Plants


  • More efficient than Atmospheric type and shell & Tube Condensers
  • Uses very little water in comparison with to Atmospheric Condensers
  • Keeps condensing pressure low, there by reducing power consumption
  • Require very little space compared to Atmospheric Condensers and can be fitted over the roof top
  • No cooling tower required
  • Wind is not required and can be fitted in any direction.
  • Scaling is reduced to minimum, since plain tubes are used


The standard models and capacities of evaporative condensers are given below:- model nom. comp. capacity tr no. of fans fan motor hp each pump LPM at 9m head ice plant (ton) cold storage (bags) 

1 KF-12 12 1 0.75 200 5 12,000 
2 KF-24 24 2 1.50 235 10 25,000 
3 KF-36 36 2 1.50 320 15 30,000 
4 KF-48 48 3 1.50 375 18 38,000
5 KF-60 60 4 1.50 410 20 45,000 
6 KF-72 72 4 1.50 450 25 60,000

Any capacity can be attained by using multiple modules.

Atmospheric Condensers

The pipes used for atmospheric condensers are of 2” TATA or equivalent make heavy pipe and every pipe will have the embossed mark of the manufacturer.  The pipe is of High Frequency Induction Welded (HFIW) type and the condenser over all length will be 20’.  Each condenser will be provided with 2” size Globe valve at inlet top and ¾” Globe Valve at outlet.

    Shell & Tube Condensers

    Shell and tube condensers are available with a refrigeration capacity range from 10 tons to over 1000 tons. With the proper tube material selection, they can be applied to a multiplicity of refrigerants including R-717, R-22 and R-134A. 
    Shell diameters start at 8" and go up to 48" and even larger. Bonnets ranging from single pass to 10 pass provides maximum selection flexibility. Multiple shell arrangements can be utilized to match large refrigeration systems. Horizontal shell and tube condensers are available for sea water & marine use. 

    • Reliable, high-capacity performance
    • Uniform Tube Spacing
    • Interchangeability of water heads
    • Compact design saves space
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