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Ammonia Liquid Level Controllers

While primarily designed for ammonia, this  Liquid Level Controllers is also suitable for R-22 and other non-corrosive liquids that have a specific gravity of 0.5 or more. These  controllers can be used as a protection against too high or two low liquid levels.The level controller consist of a float chamber & electronic controller. The float chamber consist of a housing, float ball, float coil & coil enclosure. The float ball is located inside the housing and moves on attached magnetic stem up or down in an enclosing tube from the top and is protected by the coil enclosure. The construction permits all high voltage connectors and wiring to be made at a remote or non- hazardous location.Gravity equalization of the liquid level in the float chamber is a function of the liquid. For fluids having a high viscosity the response will be slower. The level controller should not be used on water application.

These liquid level controllers are used to regulate the liquid level in a:

  • Flooded evaporator
  • Low pressure pump tanks in pump-recirculation systems
  • Pump tanks in gas pump systems
  • Intermediate coolers in 2 stage refrigeration plant
  • Condensers
  • Plate freezers


Technical Specifications:

  • Refrigerants-    R-717, R-22, R 502, R 404a
  • Diffrential-   Adjustable Between 10 & 50 Mm
  • Media Temperature Range-   -45 To+ 55 Deg.c
  • Max.premissible  Ambient Temperature for Controller- + 55deg.c
  • Max.operating Pressure for Float Housing-   29 Bar
  • Size Liquid Inlet-   1” Weld
  • Size Gas Outlet-   1” Weld


Ammonia Solenoid Valves

Electrically operated solenoid valves offered by us are used to control automatically the flow of fluids, liquids or gas. They are used in many applications such as cold stores, freezers, chilling application etc.These are direct actions or pilot operated solenoid valves for liquid, suction and hot gas lines with ammonia or fluorinated refrigerant.

Technical Specifications:

  • Refrigerants-   R717(Nh3), R-22, R-134a, R404a, R502 Etc
  • Temprature of Medium-   -40 to 80 Deg.c with 18w Coil
  • Safe Working Pressure-   300 Psig
  • Flanged Conn.sizes- ½” TO 2” ( 15 MM TO 50 MM)

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